Personal Record (Refill)


Trying to keep everyone’s health records in one place can be hard! This diary can help…


Your MediStori pack will already come with one Personal Health Record Booklet but if you have other family members and you would like to track their health information too, you can buy additional booklets – the MediStori can hold up to three extra booklets! 

1 x Personal Health Record Booklet

  • Personal Contact Details (Phone; address; next of kin; health professional details; medical card no’s etc. )
  • Significant Medical History (Chronic long-term illnesses; past accidents/ operations; devices etc. )
  • Personal Care Guidelines (Such as fears, risks, likes, dislikes, comforts etc. )
  • Allergies/Reactions (Medications, foods; cosmetics etc. )
  • Vaccinations (Childhood & Adult) Infectious Diseases (Chicken Pox, TB, Measles etc. )
  • Medical Investigations (MRI’s, X-rays, Bloods etc. ) On-going Illnesses (Note antibiotics, diagnosis etc. )
  • Outpatient Appointments (Questions & answers for doctor; care plans)
  • Family Medical Tree ( Note parents, siblings, other family members medical history)
  • Birth Record (Note parents health prior to pregnancy & all notes about baby including memories)
  • Developmental Records (Growth charts; “the first time” developments etc. )
  • Optical, Hearing & Dental Records (Eye tests, hearing tests, visits to dentist or orthodontist)
  • Social & Living (Keep track of other aspects in life such as education, employment, holistic therapies)
  • Stores yours or your loved ones past medical history Important to have information in emergency situations
  • Can be very helpful for accurate & speedy diagnosis
  • Can decrease readmissions & retesting
  • Can be used from birth or can be started at any age
  • Extra booklets can be added, for each family member
  • Each booklet has 52 pages which include space for you to add information about you or your loved one

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