Emergency Diary (Refill)


It can be daunting if we have to leave our loved ones in the care of others, especially if you’re worried would they know what to do in an emergency. This booklet can help…

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1 x Emergency Household Booklet

  • Allows the parent/patient write down directions to their house from where the nearest ambulance would arrive
  • This information is extremely important to have if a babysitter/carer is in an emergency situation and they need to guide a paramedic to the scene quickly (also good to have if a child had to ring them & the adult was the person in trouble)
  • This booklet also allows a parent/guardian write down any possible medical risks for people in the house in which a carer/sitter may need guidance with quickly.
  • Information about the symptoms and/or where to find the location of emergency medications (e.g. inhalers/ adrenalin pens etc. ) is put here along with contact details of parents & sitter.
  • There are pages in this booklet to help you remember such things as neighbour’s phone numbers; health professional contact details; hospital/holiday bag check lists and so on.
  • Combined, it just makes life easier to manage, in times of stress.

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