The Perfect Family Organiser

All parents want to capture those first precious moments of their tiny little bundle – from their unique baby smell and their kitten like cries to their cutest little “wind” smiles.

Many parents are gifted with fabulously decorated sentimental baby record books so as to store all their baby’s milestones.

But the most important milestones for parents are the ones related to their baby’s health and development.

MediStori helps parents store and manage both sentimental and health milestones.

Not only does MediStori have space for precious photos and memories – it also ensures parents can keep vaccination records, growth charts, health appointments and hospital or health centre information in one place.

MediStori also has unique developmental and growth charts for baby – that lasts up until they’re adults.

All in all, it helps parents keep everything together in one place, rather than stuck in a kitchen drawer – or left in a photo cabinet only to be taken out for nostalgic reasons!

MediStori was built by a mum for parents of children of all ages. It can store up to four family members health information in one unit (including siblings/parents/grandparents) – and can be started at any age.

Many new parents will think they will remember everything about their new baby but add a few more children, busy work schedules and just life in general and it’s not long before that time when our child had chicken pox or got vaccinated will drift to some place else in our minds – and when our child asks – we may well have forgotten! This may not seem so important now, but when that child is an adult and if they want to travel or apply for certain jobs (e.g. teaching/healthcare etc.) – this information is critical.

Give the gift of peace of mind.