“Taking account of the perspectives of patients and their families is crucial to articulating the reality and identifying the gaps between patient safety measures possible and the levels of safety being experienced by patients.” Building a Culture of Patient Safety, July 2008 Staff Guide to Patient and Public Participation, Cork
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Last Thursday, on the 30th April 2015, the 3rd National Medicines Forum was held in No.6 Kildare Street, Dublin 2 – also known as the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland.  Upon walking in the doors of this truly remarkable building, you honestly feel like you’ve stepped back in time – you can feel the
Is our health service just so bad, that no-one ever gets better…? Do you know someone who survived cancer? Did you ever have an infection cleared up by an antibiotic? Or maybe you had a lot of pain and the right treatment alleviated it? If you answer yes to any
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