I don’t think stories ever really do have endings. They certainly have beginnings, they definitely have chapters, but I don’t think they have endings. The best stories ever shared will almost always leave a person wanting to know or learn more. The best stories will leave lasting impressions and usually
Letter to Ms Olive O'Connor from the Director General 06.11.18 dg ref 514687
Sometimes I wish I was ignorant. Sometimes I wish I didn’t know, all I know. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have a thing called “gut instinct”. A few months ago, my little baby daughter, Madison, was diagnosed with the same congenital heart defect as her 11 year old sister, Mackensie. Then,
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In 2009 myself and my three eldest daughters all contracted the extremely dangerous H1N1 virus – otherwise known as the Swine Flu. The symptoms were immediate – starting with an extremely sore throat, followed quickly by a soaring high temperature, widespread body aches, vomiting, diarrhea, coughing and congested head, nose
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I am writing this blog as this issue is very close to my heart – and my girls hearts – literally. Why? Because I am a mom to a new little baby girl who has a cardiac condition. Actually I am a mom to four daughters who each have had
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    So it’s that time of year again. Excitement is building and preparation has begun for the arrival of family, friends – and of course the big guy himself. While some might think November is too early to even begin to think about Christmas (!) we thought it would
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“Millions of women give birth every day, it’s completely natural!” Oh, if I could get a cent for every time this had been said to me since conceiving my first child 15 years ago! Even though pregnancy is completely natural – sometimes it just feels completely unnatural! And I’m not using the
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Last week many of you may have seen the emotional story on ITV’s This Morning Show about how one of their former producers, Amy May Shead, went on holiday to Budapest, and suffered a devastating allergic anaphylaxis reaction to nuts, resulting in her being left severely brain damaged and in
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We, like so many other Irish families, sat down this year to watch the annual International Rose of Tralee festival, as held every year in the beautiful Kingdom of County Kerry. As I sat down with my youngest daughter to watch the competition, I decided to scroll through my social
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Nowadays, more and more of us are on the look out for unique gifts to give to a parent when a new baby arrives on the scene. The market for personalised clothing, pictures, story books, blankets etc. is at an all time boom. But one thing that has never gone out
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