Aide for Health Professionals

Health providers welcome parents, patients and carers who can inform them of their health history. It can help them provide accurate advice, treatments and diagnosis.

Medications: When health professionals are prescribing or reviewing medications it is important that they know everything a patient is taking – and their regiments i.e. time taken etc. Some medications cannot be taken together and some need to be given at different times in the day. It is critical that patients and carers know all of their medications and why they are taking them.

MediStori comes with a handy Medication Diary to help with this.

Appointments: Health professionals also need to know any previous medical appointments who may have had, both in and out of hospitals. The health system does not automatically tell them this information so patients and carers need to have this to hand to let them know. With this information doctors can then see what happened at that time, if any tests or scans were done (and their outcomes) and what was the previous health professionals recommendations.

MediStori comes with a clever Appointment Calendar to help with this.

Diagnosis: It can sometimes be difficult to diagnose conditions. Health professionals will always ask previous health history such as childhood illnesses and vaccinations. It can be hard to remember this in a stressful environment such as an Emergency Department. Additionally doctors will ask about other family members medical history. Having this to hand can be extremely useful and can speed up and provide more accurate diagnosis.

MediStori comes with individual Personal Health Records – used from birth to old age.

All in all MediStori, as a whole, can help with communication to help both patients and health professionals alike.