MediStori is Your Family Health Passport

The MediStori is Your Personal Health Organiser

Everything Everywhere in the Kitchen Press?  Reduce Risks, Fears and Unnecessary Stress…

The MediStori is a compact little health organiser which is ideal for patients, carers and parents. It’s design is wonderfully simple – while helping store all of your own health information it also helps  you record & manage your own or loved ones medicines, symptoms, appointments, vaccinations and family medical history. 

Perfect Gift For Baby & Family

Keep track of all your children’s milestones and memories. Store vaccination records, development & growth charts in our handy to use diaries and storage wallets.

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Perfect Tool for Patients & Carers

Manage the times you take your medications, symptoms for diagnosis, questions for your doctor plus keep track of important healthcare appointments.

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Perfect Aide for Health Professionals

Health providers shouldn’t have to cross their fingers to provide accurate advice, treatments and diagnosis. Be prepared, and have your medical history ready for them.

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  What’s Inside the MediStori?

Click on each tab below for information on each section.

1 x Emergency Household Booklet17

  • Allows the parent/patient write down directions to their house from where the nearest ambulance would arrive
  • This information is extremely important to have if a babysitter/carer is in an emergency situation and they need to guide a paramedic to the scene quickly (also good to have if a child had to ring them & the adult was the person in trouble)
  • This booklet also allows a parent/guardian write down any possible medical risks for people in the house in which a carer/sitter may need guidance with quickly.
  • Information about the symptoms and/or where to find the location of emergency medications (e.g. inhalers/ adrenalin pens etc. ) is put here along with contact details of parents & sitter.
  • There are pages in this booklet to help you remember such things as neighbours phone numbers; health professional contact details; hospital/holiday bag check lists and so on.
  • Combined, it just makes life easier to manage, in times of stress.

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1 x Medicine Diary (Memo)13

  • A daily management diary for all medications, for you or your loved one
  • Easier to remember when and if you have taken/given your medications
  • No need to rewrite medications over & over again due its simple, innovative design
  • Log doses, times, requirements & information about your medications
  • Easier for everyone in the home to see what medications were taken/given

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Watch the short video below of how the medicine diary works…

1 x Personal Health Record Booklet14

  • Personal Contact Details (Phone; address; next of kin; health professional details; medical card no’s etc. )
  • Significant Medical History (Chronic long-term illnesses; past accidents/ operations; devices etc. )
  • Personal Care Guidelines (Such as fears, risks, likes, dislikes, comforts etc. )
  • Allergies/Reactions (Medications, foods; cosmetics etc. )
  • Vaccinations (Childhood & Adult) Infectious Diseases (Chicken Pox, TB, Measles etc. )
  • Medical Investigations (MRI’s, X-rays, Bloods etc. ) On-going Illnesses (Note antibiotics, diagnosis etc. )
  • Outpatient Appointments (Questions & answers for doctor; care plans)
  • Family Medical Tree ( Note parents, siblings, other family members medical history)
  • Birth Record (Note parents health prior to pregnancy & all notes about baby including memories)
  • Developmental Records (Growth charts; “the first time” developments etc. )
  • Optical, Hearing & Dental Records (Eye tests, hearing tests, visits to dentist or orthodontist)
  • Social & Living (Keep track of other aspects in life such as education, employment, holistic therapies)
  • Stores yours or your loved ones past medical history Important to have information in emergency situations
  • Can be very helpful for accurate & speedy diagnosis
  • Can decrease readmissions & retesting
  • Can be used from birth or can be started at any age
  • Extra booklets can be added, for each family member
  • Each booklet has 52 pages which include space for you to add information about you or your loved one

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1 x My Medical Diary16

  • This pre-lined diary is to help you write down anything you want to remember to tell your GP/ health professional.
  • It has space for questions & answers and is essential in times where you may be finding it difficult to cope with a diagnosis or even get a diagnosis.

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1 x Appointment Calendar19

  • This small but simple calendar allows you to track medical appointments along with everyday stuff such as birthdays, extra curricular and so on – it can be helpful to see at a glance, when you were last at your hospital and you can write notes about how it went.

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6 x Storage Wallets20

  • These wallets are specially designed to help store important information, that all too often is hard to find, when we need it most!
  • Medical/Insurance Cards
  • Most Recent Prescriptions
  • Medical Receipts
  • Discs/Reports/Scans/MRI’s
  • Hospital/GP Correspondence
  • Photos of Birthmarks/Rashes

There is also an extra storage pocket at the back to leave information leaflets from charities/ organisations regarding your diagnosis.

 What Do Customers Think of MediStori?

100% Said MediStori Helped Record Health History

98% Said MediStori Had Helped Them Manage Medications

98% Said MediStori Helped Manage Health Appointments

100% Said MediStori Would Be Useful For Friends & Family

What Do Health Organisations Think?

[lvca_testimonials per_line=”3″][lvca_testimonial author=”The Carers Association” author_image=”232″ credentials=”Family Carers”]“We feel that the MediStori is an invaluable tool to help carers keep their loved ones medical information together in one unit & to have their most accurate & up to date information, easily accessed at any one time, by any of the health care providers associated with that person. It offers carers a simple yet effective solution to help manage all aspects of one’s health, which in turn can increase patient safety & give the carer peace of mind.”[/lvca_testimonial][lvca_testimonial author=”Irish Children’s Arthritis Network” credentials=”ICAN” author_image=”248″]“We are delighted to be associated with MediStori as this tool will support our parents in keeping track of their various hospital appointments and also keep a record of medications their children on . It is a necessity in the lives of a family dealing with a long term chronic autoimmune disease.”[/lvca_testimonial][lvca_testimonial author=”Irish Pharmacy Union” credentials=”IPU” author_image=”233″]Bernard Duggan, IPU Executive committee member said, “Community Pharmacists support their patients on a daily basis in managing their complicated medication regimens. They ensure that they take their medications as prescribed & provide patients with advice & information on these medications.” The MediStori is an innovative tool, which assists patients to manage their medication safely in conjunction with their Community Pharmacist.” [/lvca_testimonial][/lvca_testimonials]

Who Needs It?

Patients, Carers, Families and New Parents can all benefit from MediStori.

It can be used for a baby from birth or it can be started at any age. The Medistori can work for just about anyone but those who will most benefit will probably be those who are caring for or suffering from chronic illnesses.

Chronic illnesses such as those mentioned below can be disabling & trying to manage all appointments, medications & information can just add to the stress you’re already under. 

The MediStori ensures you can have that information to hand, exactly when you need it.

  • Stroke/Heart Disease
  • Hypertension/Cholesterol
  • Diabetes (Type 1 & Type 2)
  • Arthritis (All types)
  • Complex Care
  • Cancer/Benign Tumours
  • Depression/Mental Health
  • Asthma/Allergies
  • Skin Disorders
  • Gastrointestinal Disorders
  • Neurological Disorders
  • Rare Diseases
  • Ear, Nose, Throat Issues
  • Chronic Pain/Fatigue
  • Multiple Chronic Conditions

Design of MediStori


The folder itself has two straps in which you can link into each other to allow the folder to free stand – this can be helpful for carers, babysitters or nurses so as they can see the information to hand.

The Medicine Memo can also be hung up, like a wall calendar, to help remind you to take/give medications.

What is Unique about the MediStori?

  • It has been developed by patients, carers & health professionals together –See recommendations here
  • You don’t have to be sick to use it – it can be used from birth onwards, or started at any age – it’s all about being proactive, not reactive!
  • It aims to focus on the individual needs of a person, and does not focus on just the disease.
  • Different members of the family can use the same folder as there are separate booklets for each family member.
  • A patient/carer with multiple illnesses can keep different diaries in it, specific to their needs.
  • It can help break down any confusion or communication barriers with health professionals
  • The whole system can stand on it’s own & the Memos can be hung to help make it habit forming

The MediStori Story

The Founder

Watch Olive tell Clinton Global Initiative about MediStori


Creative Founder of MediStori, Olive O’Connor, is an international speaker and on one such occasion got to share her story with Aroyga World. She was then handpicked for her video to be showcased in New York at the Clinton Global Initiative.  

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The Recognition

Watch An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny endorse MediStori


MediStori has been internationally recognised and endorsed by many organisations. One such person who felt MediStori could “help save our health service millions” was previous Irish Government leader, An Taoiseach, Mr Enda Kenny.

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Where Can I Get the MediStori?

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