MediStori is Your Complete Health Passport

The MediStori is an award winning personal health organiser. It comes complete with daily medication diaries & individual personal health records. It can be ideal for new parents, carers or patients who want to take control of their health information.

100% Said MediStori Helped Record Health History

98% Said MediStori Had Helped Them Manage Medications

98% Said MediStori Helped Manage Health Appointments

100% Said MediStori Would Be Useful For Friends & Family

MediStori can be particularly useful for families, especially new parents who might want to store vaccinations or development milestones.

 Colleen Cahill (11) pictured here with her own decorated MediStori. Her Mum Rachael finds it very helpful in managing chronic conditions.

Leonora O’Brien: Mum, Pharmacist and CEO of Pharmapod uses MediStori for her beautiful new baby girl Fódla

The Founder

Watch Olive tell Clinton Global Initiative about MediStori


Creative Founder of MediStori, Olive O’Connor, is an international speaker and on one such occasion got to share her story with Aroyga World. She was then handpicked for her video to be showcased in New York at the Clinton Global Initiative.  

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The Recognition

Watch An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny endorse the MediStori


MediStori has been internationally recognised and endorsed by many organisations and individuals. One such person who felt MediStori could “help save our health service millions” was Irish Government leader, An Taoiseach, Mr Enda Kenny.

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“We feel that the MediStori is an invaluable tool to help carers keep their loved ones medical information together in one unit & to have their most accurate & up to date information, easily accessed at any one time, by any of the health care providers associated with that person. It offers carers a simple yet effective solution to help manage all aspects of one’s health, which in turn can increase patient safety & give the carer peace of mind.”

The Carers Association

Family Carers
“We are delighted to be associated with MediStori as this tool will support our parents in keeping track of their various hospital appointments and also keep a record of medications their children on . It is a necessity in the lives of a family dealing with a long term chronic autoimmune disease.”

Irish Children's Arthritis Network

Bernard Duggan, IPU Executive committee member said, “Community Pharmacists support their patients on a daily basis in managing their complicated medication regimens. They ensure that they take their medications as prescribed & provide patients with advice & information on these medications.” The MediStori is an innovative tool, which assists patients to manage their medication safely in conjunction with their Community Pharmacist.” 

Irish Pharmacy Union


“I’ve seen MediStori develop over the past few years and I feel it is a real patient empowerment toolkit for patients whatever their age – it is also a back up for their carers. Attention to your medical treatment details should not stop in the hospital – MediStori is your mobile medical record,  and indeed heath care planner.  Consider how your discharge plan in a hospital is being delivered – if you just use it for personal or family health history, either way, it’s also a future planner for tests, medications, doctors, other health care appointments and much more. In totality, the sum of all its components means that it will help present and future patients feel like partners in their care, be responsible and play their part for safer care and that’s got to be a good thing for patients and their family’s. MediStori is a patient safety initiative.”

Co-Founder IPA

Mr Stephen McMahon

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